January, 2015

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Introducing NEW Ocushield – a blue light filter for Apple devices

In December 2014, a study looking at sleep quality after reading from smartphones and tablets in the evening was reported in The Independent and at the BBC.

Excessive exposure to blue lightPoor or broken sleepSore, tired stressed eys


The study found the level of sleep hormone melatonin is lowered after using these devices and this has 2 main effects;

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Viteyes 2 for eye health wins Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Award

The votes were cast by health stores, nutritionists, pharmacies and independent practitioners and we would like to sincerely thank everyone for voting. Our key message remains that Viteyes 2 is based exactly on valid clinical trial research carried out over eight years that showed that it can slow the progression of eye disease.

This, combined with a strong history of prescribing in certain areas by ophthalmologists, makes it the supplement of choice for age related eye conditions.

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