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Double WIN and a Gold Award for NATorigin natural cosmetics

On Saturday at the Go Organic Festival, Battersea Park, London, amazingly I won TWO Platinum Awards and a Gold commendation for NATorigin.

NATorigin wins best natural nail enamel and lipstick NATorigin wins Gold for natural and hypoallergenic mascara

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New refreshing re-brand for Viteyes

Presenting the new logo

Our eye health supplement Viteyes has had a refreshing re-brand with a new look logo.


Viteyes for eye health



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New NATorigin natural and hypoallergenic cosmetics leaf display

New NATorigin natural and hypoallergenic cosmetics leaf display

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What is the difference between hypo-allergenic and high tolerance cosmetics?

The descriptions hypo-allergenic and high tolerance are often used interchangeably – but are they the same thing?

NATorigin natural and hypoallergenic cosmetics for sensitive skin




Here at NATorigin, we specialise in high tolerance cosmetics and skincare, that are formulated with sensitive or dry eyes/skin, blepharitis and contact lens material in mind.

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New, ultra-light and illuminating Complexion Perfector Foundation from Eye Care Cosmetics

Eye Care Cosmetics have re-formulated their Coloured Day Cream and re-launched it as Complexion Perfector Foundation. This is a lightly textured, natural and hypo-allergenic foundation to illuminate, moisturise and protect the skin with added sun protection SPF25.

hypoallergenic Complexion Perfector Foundation for sensitive skin and eyes, eczema, rosacea, nickel allergy

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New hypo-allergenic Powder Eyeshadows that care for sensitive eyes.

These ultrasoft eye colours from Eye Care Cosmetics are finely milled to reduce the chance of allergy or irritation in and around the eyes. They have recently been re-formulated are are still designed to be compatible with contact lenses.


NATorigin natural Eyeshadow for dry, sore, sensitive eyes and blepharitis

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Tranquileyes sleep shields back in stock again and Eyeseals launched

tranquileyes sleep shields

We are now stocked up and able to supply opticians with both Tranquileyes sleep shields and new, improved Eyeseals.

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Viteyes assessed by an eye expert in the Daily Mail to tackle eye problems

A recent report showed three-quarters of us suffered poor eye health in the past 12 months.

The Daily Mail Good Health feature asked eye expert Dr Maryam Zamani, an oculoplastic surgeon at the Cadogan Clinic, to assess some of the latest eye health products, then they rated them.

Viteyes proven help for macular degeneration

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Our Customer Charter

Who We Are

We are a supplier of optical goods owned by James Sutton (optician) and Michelle Sutton (pharmacist). As registered healthcare professionals, we believe we are different to our competitors because we abide by our professions’ code of conduct and ethics that underpin how we run our business. We always act in the best interests of our customers and we do not make unsubstantiated claims for our goods but remain honest and trustworthy. We supply our goods to opticians, pharmacies, independent health stores, online beauty stores and we also process orders for large optical companies giving us a proven track record.

Michelle Sutton is a pharmacist  with PCOS sensitive skin and an interest in natural health. James Sutton from Butterflies Healthcare is an optician and keen swimmer with a family history of macular degeneration.

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Long-lasting Liquid Lipsticks WIN at The Beauty Awards 2017!

On the night……

We were thrilled as always to win, especially as the Editor of Beauty Magazine told us she was wearing it on the night as it stays on for so long!

eye care cosmetics hypoallergenic liquid lipsticks win at the beauty awards

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