Aqua Sphere Eagle

As the appointed wholesaler to the optical market, we are now able to supply Aqua Sphere Eagle prescription goggles to all optical outlets. Aqua Sphere is a true innovator in the world of swimming masks and goggles and regularly wins top accolades in independent test trials across the sports and swimming markets. Indeed, the Eagle goggle has been a previous winner of the ‘Best Designed Sport Kit’ category at the prestigious Sport Industry Awards.


Comfort and clarity in the pool with the Aqua Sphere Eagle

Using sophisticated technological expertise combined with Italian design creativity, the Eagle is the first curved lens goggle to enable simple “pop-out & swap” to create a high quality customised goggle. The curved lenses allow amazing 180 degree vision and the one-piece 100% silicone frame is comfortable and includes an easy-adjust buckle.

Aqua Sphere Eagle Optical

With its lightweight prescription lenses displayed alongside the frames, customers just choose their own lenses from the display to customise their goggles virtually instantly. Aqua Sphere offer some of the most comfortable models on the market at an affordable price. The range includes options for:

  • Adults
  • Short- sighted corrections (up to -6.00)

So choose comfort and clarity in the pool with the Aqua Sphere Eagle.