Eyeeco’s Tranquileyes

If you don’t suffer from dry, irritated or allergy-prone eyes, it’s easy to dismiss the problem. If you do, you know how much it can impact your life. From entire nights of lost sleep to constant irritation during the day, it can affect your focus, health, and relationships.

That’s why Eyeeco have dedicated themselves to providing relief for the millions of people who suffer daily from eye problems, wholly through natural, drug-free products.

It all started when Eyeeco’s founder, Suzanne Paulson, was sitting in a consumer product review and she heard about Sjögren’s Syndrome, a chronic condition in which white-blood cells attack and destroy the glands in the body that produce tears. Suzanne was moved by the experience of patients with the condition. She set to work, using her 15 years as a pioneer in the eye care industry to seek out a solution.

She found one and Eye Eco’s first product was born, Tranquileyes®. The first all natural, drug-free treatment for dry eyes designed to work in tandem with other hydration aids.

Designed to optimize the natural functions that keep our eyes moist and comfortable tranquileyes® provides soothing treatments for all day dry eye relief.


Since then, Suzanne and her team have worked to improve the original product, as well as develop further innovations in the therapeutic eye product field.

Silicone Shields and Eyeseals™
Sleep better and say goodbye to dry eyes. Nighttime protection holds in moisture to promote better sleep and eye comfort.

Moisture Release Eyewear™
Don’t miss a thing, just slide these on and keep going. Shield eyes from the environment, seal them from dust and pollen, and add moisture to keep eyes hydrated and happy.


Here is Suzanne introducing Eyeeco.