NATorigin is Allergy UK approved

Allergy-Friendly-ProductsNATorigin has been approved by Allergy UK and given the Allergy Friendly Product Award logo. This means the entire range can be considered beneficial for allergy sufferers based on consumer opinion. NATorigin is currently the only cosmetics and skincare range to hold the Allergy Friendly Product Award making it the clear first choice for people with sensitive skin and eyes.

The Allergy Friendly Product Award is intended for products that will generally benefit allergy sufferers and improve their state of health and wellbeing. The award is given on the basis of consumer opinion and evidence of this must be supplied to Allergy UK. This evidence and a product sample is carefully assessed by a panel of experts from Allergy UK to verify the consumers’ opinions. Alan Bolton, Executive Director at Allergy UK said:

Our panel of advisors was impressed by the selection of ingredients used in the range as the presence of ‘natural’ ingredients in skin care and cosmetics doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they will not irritate the skin or cause dermal sensitization. At present, NATorigin is the only cosmetics/skincare product range to be approved by us.

Janey-Lee-GraceJaney Lee Grace has made it her life’s passion to source, seek, test and recommend the best natural, eco and organic, products and services in the market place. She is an influential broadcaster heard by millions of listeners to BBC Radio 2 and journalist for four current mainstream magazines recommending natural products. She has been voted in the top ten most influential people in the 2011 Natural Beauty Yearbook.

Having tried and tested the NATorigin range, Janey is keen to work with the NATorigin brand. Janey says:

I’m loving the ‘Lychee’ lipstick with orchid extract, feels really silky, my favourite eye make up remover too. You can feel assured this range is hypoallergenic.