Optimel Manuka Eye Drops/Gel

Heard all the buzz about Optimel Manuka eye drops?

Optimel products are made with pharmaceutical grade honey (from bees of the Leptospermum species) and when used with lubricating eye drops can help stabilise the surface health of the eye.

  • Drops 16.5% honey
  • Forte gel 98% honey (use on the lid margin)

Optimel Manuka eye products provide a transient low pH, hyperosmotic environment and are associated with spontaneous tearing and blinking that rapidly displaces the honey to the eyelid margin while flushing the eye surface.

The non-Newtonian behaviour of the hydrocolloid gum used in Optimel products complements the honey and helps provide a “lubrication effect”, improving the micro environment on the ocular surface. This helps reduce mechanical erosion and desiccation of the ocular surface in sufferers of chronic dry eye, thereby stabilising surface health of the eye and reducing redness.

Optimel Manuka Honey Drops

Optimel Manuka Honey eye drops

The honey aids eye lid-margin hygiene – as a humectant, any “crust” formed in the presence of honey is more likely to be soft and soluble, with the low pH environment limiting bacterial growth thereby reducing lid margin bacteria and the consequential inflammation around the meibomian gland ducts.