Speedo optical goggles

Founded in 1928, Speedo has over 80 years of heritage and expertise in swimwear and is the world’s leading swimwear brand. Speedo products are distributed in over 170 countries around the world.


Speedo is recognised throughout the world for quality swimwear and swimming goods

Speedo sells two prescription swimming goggles in the UK, the Mariner and the Pulse, and we are able to supply opticians with both. The Mariner is supplied as a complete goggle with the same power in each eye, while the Pulse comes as a modular kit allowing for different prescriptions in each eye.

Speedo out of this world

Speedo quality at an affordable price, the range includes options for:

  • Adults
  • Short- sighted corrections (up to -8.00)

Speedo, supplying out of this world swimwear.