The new Eye Care Cosmetics hypo-allergenic Volumising Mascaras and Jumbo Waterproof Eyeshadow and Lipstick Pencils have already proved popular so the new stands will maximise retailers opportunities to offer them to their customers.

The eye cosmetic stand can be free-standing on a countertop or when supplied with the face cosmetics display, assembled vertically together.

Its rotating two-tier design makes the selection process easier for customers, as testers are displayed at eye level or just below.

The display is free standing with two rectangular (cuboid) tiers with a circular base and is compact enough to fit in a corner that needs brightening up.

Some stands have already been despatched to stockists so we are looking forward to seeing what they look like in optician’s practices.

Here is one in the Solihull branch of Walford & Round Opticians. They can now display the full range of make-up not just for the eyes but also skin, nails and lips.

Designed specifically for dry eye symptoms, sensitive eyes, blepharitis and contact lens wearers, Eye Care Cosmetics can help ease discomfort as they improve the tears, secretions and ocular skin health.

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