These ultrasoft eye colours from Eye Care Cosmetics are finely milled to reduce the chance of allergy or irritation in and around the eyes. They have recently been re-formulated are are still designed to be compatible with contact lenses.


NATorigin natural Eyeshadow for dry, sore, sensitive eyes and blepharitis

These powder eyeshadows add a comfortable touch of colour to sensitive eyes with both matte and iridescent finishes available.

They are enriched with a natural moisturiser Luffa cylindrica seed oil (from sponge gourd, loofah) to absorb sebum from oily lids, reducing creasing, movement into the eyelid fold and improving hold. It also adds softness and smoothness to the powders, making them easy to apply.

All the hypoallergenic Eye Care Cosmetics powder eye shadow pigments are ultra-micronised to avoid risk of irritation and all packs are sterilised before packing, to guarantee maximum safety during usage. Particularly suitable for contact lens wearers and women with dry eyes and/or blepharitis.

Although powders, even if they enter the eye, the ultra-micronised, 5micron, irritant-free particle size makes them less likely to cause discomfort or a reaction.

The nude colours can be applied alone or combined with the other colours. Light shades work best below the brow and in the inner corner, darker shades add contarst towards the outer eye. Our nickel-free eye shadow brush or applicator are ideal for applying our nickel-free and chrome-free colours..

These improved eye colours for sensitive eyes (RRP £11.00) are available from our helpful office team on 0845 838 6704.

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