New from optical research company Ocushield are the latest additions to their innovative range of blue light screen protectors.

Here at Butterflies Healthcare, we love these as they are a simple way to preserve eye health and prevent eye problems developing in the future for ourselves and our children.

Now the benefits of filtering blue light from screens, such as improved sleep, eye health and reduced daytime drowsiness are available to opticians with customers using VDUs, MacBooks and Samsung S5/S6 smartphones.

Ideal for students, teenagers, toddlers and commuters. Also available for iPhones, iPads and iPad Minis.

Read more about Ocushield here.

Ocushield for
Macbook Air/Pro

RRP £24.99

Ocushield for
Samsung S5/6

RRP £4.99

for VDU

RRP £24.99

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