Deter the Blur® this summer with the best prescription swimming goggles from Sutton Swimwear®.

With spring and summer fast approaching, thoughts of beaches, pools, lakes and rivers are front of mind as swimming continues to be the UK’s favourite pursuit when the sun comes out. According to new data from Sport England, over 4.5 million people used indoor swimming facilities alone in 2022, which means we are a certified nation of water lovers!

But for some, swimming can be an unpleasant experience due to poor eyesight which drastically affects safety, performance and overall enjoyment in the water. With two thirds of the UK population wearing glasses or contact lenses, it’s a massively overlooked issue for those who have just learnt to put up with blurred vision when swimming.

Not any more…Sutton Swimwear® has a range of prescription lens goggles that enable wearers to look good and see well®! Sutton Swimwear® prescription goggles enable everyone to have crystal clear vision in the water, avoiding any mishaps with the edges of the pool, lane swimming and generally navigating any water space.

Historically, prescription swimming aids have often been bulky, unattractive or too costly, but Sutton Swimwear® hasn’t compromised on style or price when it comes to their range of prescription goggles. Whether it’s a streamlined design for competitive swimming, or a more comfortable fit for leisure activities, this beautifully designed range that varies in style, colour and fit ensures every swimmer can find the perfect pair for them.

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