0542FW Waterproof Volumising Mascara Display

Treat your customers

New from Eye Care Cosmetics is this long-awaited water-resistant mascara – perfect for holidays, rainy days, swimming, sport and exercising (RRP £22.50).

Over the years, we have been asked many times for a waterproof mascara and now an eye-friendly, hypo-allergenic, non-clumping one is available for your dry eye, contact lens and blepharitis patients.

The family-run Eye Care Cosmetics company pharmacists have used their 30 years’ experience in cosmetic formulation to produce this innovative mascara without wax. This wax-free mascara keeps the glands at the base of the lashes clear, preventing any obstruction of the tear ducts causing dry eyes. It is also enriched with organic silicium to strengthen and intensify the eyelashes.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have 12 mascaras plus a display stand with coloured testers available.

This point of sale display is ideal for countertop use and to maximise impulse sales. If you have ever wanted to try selling Eye Care Cosmetics now is the time.

Place an order by emailing info@butterflies-healthcare.co.uk or ringing us on 0333 700 6704.

Click to watch an introduction to Eye Care Cosmetics, the hypo-allergenic cosmetics and skincare range. It is ideal for contact lens wearers, dry/sensitive eyes or those with blepharitis.

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