A recent report showed three-quarters of us suffered poor eye health in the past 12 months.

The Daily Mail Good Health feature asked eye expert Dr Maryam Zamani, an oculoplastic surgeon at the Cadogan Clinic, to assess some of the latest eye health products, then they rated them.

Eye health issues ranging from dry eyes to sight-threatening conditions affect millions of people in the UK every year.

Damage and sight loss occur when extra blood vessels grow at the back of the eye and damage the macula — the eye structure that helps us see centrally. This causes a blind spot in the middle of our vision and blurred images, which gradually deteriorate over time.

Dr Maryam Zamani says,


“There’s good scientific data to show the right vitamins and minerals can delay the progression of eye diseases, but only in the high doses used in research trials. The amounts in some products are much lower so we can’t assume they will be as effective. And while these products don’t claim specifically to slow the progression, they could give false hope. Other products contain the exact amounts used in the reputable study — for example, Viteyes 2 (£48, 180 capsules, viteyes.co.uk) — but patients should check with their GP before taking them because high-dose vitamins can interfere with some medications.”

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